About us
BASMA is no ordinary smile. It is confidence, tradition and fashion.
Elegant yet practical.

“The oriental woman could be trendy yet conservative with BASMA”, believes Bader.

Passionate about her culture, the Lebanese artist started her business in 1999.
Wizard of the crochet, queen of the cross-stitch process, she created different kinds of art crafts such as households textiles and accessories.
Also famous for her hand embroided abayas, she learned the art of the traditional saya oriental tissue.
Dedication, hard work and passion were the reason of her success.
On top of the scale, her business found its way through the pillars of Artisanat Ghanem group.

Today, her success is lifted up by BASMA’s unique quality and expertise.
A distinctive selection of abayas is offered to all women for all occasions.
From cotton to wool, BASMA is the right choice.